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About Authenticity Over Alcohol

Our OFFICIAL Launch is 2-2-22!

Welcome to our page - we're excited you are here!

We acknowledge that there are endless reasons why someone has chosen to live an alcohol-free lifestyle. But, no matter what that reason is for you, we celebrate with you!

We believe that knowledge is power. Therefore, we take the approach of building bridges instead of walls because connecting with other individuals in the alcohol-free movement can change everything. This one decision to abandon alcohol or never pick it up, to begin with, can create some interesting dynamics as we walk through life.

Some of us possibly have loved ones who were drinkers, and we don't want to be like them, so we've never consumed alcohol a day in our lives, or this was our inspiration to disconnect. On the other hand, maybe we experienced a traumatic experience or two, or three, and alcohol numbs our reality, and we want to heal, but we haven't tackled how to navigate that yet? Perhaps you tried alcohol, but you don't like the consequences or how it makes you feel? Perhaps someone else's relationship with alcohol hurt you?

Maybe you have never had a drink of alcohol in your life, nor have you ever wanted to try it! Whatever your experience and background are with or without alcohol, you are welcome here!

Let's be upfront; this movement isn't solely for people who struggle with drinking; it's for anyone who has chosen to live authentically and live primarily alcohol-free. This means the majority of your life; you are a non-drinker.

On the flip side, many of us possibly had a lifelong drinking career, and we started our alcohol-free journey from rock bottom with little to no options. We often get unsupported by our close friends and family when we reveal we are no longer interested in consuming alcohol to better our lives. Instead of being encouraged and celebrated, we feel isolated, alone. This is when feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness creep in and take over. It can be a debilitating process!

We are here to share that we are NOT POWERLESS.


For those who struggle with alcohol, we hope to collaborate and provide recommended resources and options outside of the box for those who choose to live alcohol-free. Many of us are a part of the sober movement, and recovery is a massive piece of our life. Some of us need some support along the way because tools and options save lives! We believe living alcohol-free is a lifestyle choice, but it doesn't have to be a life sentence!

You are an essential piece of this movement for those who don't struggle with alcohol and have made a conscious choice to live alcohol-free. We would love to learn why you made this choice and what inspired you? We can all learn so much from one another, and this platform is to do just that. 

We always strive to promote genuine reality to get honest with ourselves and our relationship with alcohol. We believe anonymity is outdated, and we're encouraging that the shame and secrecy of the old ways become a thing of the past. There is nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, you should be PROUD you live an alcohol-free lifestyle. We are proud of you! 

We're wearing official customized gear tailored to the alcohol-free movement, and we're sharing it loud and proud! We hope our mission creates an electrifying echo across the world. We still want to party, but without alcohol!

What makes us different?

We're elevating real stories from real people. We're promoting anyone who lives an alcohol-free lifestyle to share your journey on why you made one of the most significant decisions of your life – living alcohol-free! We believe hearing stories from others can be validating and inspiring. 

We believe that options save lives! Many people who enter the alcohol-free world have no idea we have options now, unlike the olden days. Our platform will be a diverse community of people coming together to share resources and what's worked and not worked for them. What works for one person might not work for another, so it's essential we can choose what works best for each of us based on having options in the first place. We aim to welcome all the pathways to an alcohol-free lifestyle while we share them with the world. 

We believe that when we live alcohol-free, it promotes a more authentic human experience, not only for ourselves but also for those around us. As a result, life becomes organically more meaningful, intoxicating, and electrifying.

We're striving to break down the barriers that have been built when it comes to living alcohol-free and eliminate some of the stereotypes and stigma associated with this lifestyle.

Today we've decided to ditch the labels and the life sentence and live alcohol-free – AUTHENTICALLY!

Together, we're creating a powerful movement that will change the world and the way we relate to alcohol.

We invite you to join us!
Ways you can support us and get involved:

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Would you like to sport a unique one-of-a-kind alcohol-free milestone shirt created just for you? Ask us how! We make custom orders! We also have T-Shirts that promote the Authenticity Over Alcohol! Movement! Remember – loud and proud! There is no better way to encourage an alcohol-free lifestyle than to wear your alcohol-free milestone shirt as a walking billboard and share your magic with the world! Can you imagine attending an event where alcohol is present, but wearing your custom shirt proud to be alcohol-free? We're ready to do something that has never been done, we're starting a movement! (tag us in your pictures!)

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Thank you for visiting our page. Check back often for inspirational stories, resources, and tools from the alcohol-free movement!

Cheers to living alcohol-free; it's time to party!

Pamela A. Karanova / Creator – Drippin in Reality Since August 13, 2012
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