Make The Pledge

We're pledging a commitment to live an alcohol-free lifestyle because we want to be the most authentic version of ourselves we can be. We want to ignite a worldwide movement that sparks conversations about what it's like to live an alcohol-free lifestyle and why we are making this choice. We hope friends and family will join the alcohol-free movement. This pledge is for anyone to take, but only you can decide if it's for you or not. It can be done privately or publicly, and you can modify it to fit your specific lifestyle and journey.

Are you ready to take the pledge?

Ready, set, go.

I (Insert Your Name Here) pledge to be as authentic as I can be, and for me, that means living primarily or entirely alcohol-free. I commit to being easy on myself and understand I will not perish if I step outside of this pledge. I pledge to do the best I can and not beat myself up when I give myself a hard time. Additionally, I pledge that my desire to be authentic and show up naturally is more significant than my desire to fit in with the drinking world.

Finally, I pledge to party, celebrate and enjoy life alcohol-free and let the world know how wonderful life is without alcohol at the center. 

Congratulations on making the Authenticity Over Alcohol Pledge!

We would be honored if you would tag us on social media and share your pledge with us so we can share it on our platform and congratulate you! Consider sharing why this pledge is important to you? Whatever brings you here today, taking the pledge is one of the most important decisions you could ever make for yourself and for those you love. 

If you struggle with alcohol, please visit our resources tab and check out all of the tools we've collected to assist you on your healing journey. 

Consider ordering an original Authenticity Over Alcohol hothead red sweatshirt to share your decision with your friends and family! We are no longer giving in to anonymity like in the olden days. We're wearing this decision loud and proud, sharing our authenticity with the world. 

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