This Naked Mind - The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

SMART Recovery – Self Help Addiction Recovery Program

Deprogramming from AA or any 12 Step Group - On Facebook

Quit Lit – Our List Of Alcohol-Free Book Recommendations

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

US Dept of Health National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Number – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Relinquishment and Addiction - What Trauma Has to Do With It by David B. Bohl and Jamie Marich, PhD.  

Sneak Peek: The Sober Truth - 48 Hours 

The Neuroscience of Addiction - with Marc Lewis by The Royal Institution 

Adoptee Paths to Recovery by NAAP United. 

The 13th Step The 13th Step is a critical expose of Alcoholics Anonymous by Monica Richardson 

Center for Motivation & Change - A group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers who rely on science and kindness to help people change. 

Adoption and Addiction - By Paul Sunderland 

The Trauma of Relinquishment- Adoption, Addiction and Beyond by The Ollie Foundation

Why and How I left AA - Alcoholics Anonymous, One Step At a Time by Monica Richardson

The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Addiction - How it Works by RiaHealth

IGNTD Recovery - IGNTD does away with the notion that people with drinking problems are helpless alcoholics, doomed to a life of suffering. 

Drink Link Moderation - Drink less, modify your drinking habits, and attitude.

The Freedom Model - There is a Freedom Model Option that is Right for You! 

Sober Powered Podcast - Why Is It So Hard to Stop Drinking? 

How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction - By Dr. Gabor Mate

The Orange Papers - A series of pages about Substance Misuse Recovery Programs, Real Recovery and an analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous. An online book by Orange. 

Club Soda - Club Soda helps you live well by being more mindful about your drinking. Whether you want to cut down, take a break from alcohol or stop drinking, you are welcome to join them! 

HAMS: Harm Reduction For Alcohol - Support for safer drinking, reduced drinking, or quitting drinking.

Harm Reduction Works (HRM) -  Focusing on recovery and wellness as a lifestyle. 

Anonymous Addiction - Deprogramming from AA & How it "REALLY" works by Bobby C.

Sober Podcast by Sober Nation

Women For Sobriety

Secular Organizations for Sobriety – SOS

Moderation Management

LifeRing – Secular Recovery

Ideas Out Loud: The False Gospel of Alcoholic Anonymous - by AtlanticLIVE

SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration  

Alcohol-Free Podcast by James Swanwick

The Dry Life: A Podcast for The Sober & Sober Curious

Reframe App: Drink Less, Live More

Sober Space App: Build Sober Friendships and Discover Sober Friendly Spots

Sober Black Girls Club:  For Black Girls Who Are Considering Putting The Bottle Down

Sober Girl Society: The Sisterly Safe Place for Sober and Sober Curious Women Who Are Changing Their Relationship With Alcohol

Retired Party Girl:  Retired Party Girls Have More Fun

Sober Sisters Society: Connecting Sober and Sober Curious Women, Sober Women's Podcast, Support Group and Blog

Celebrate Recovery – A Christ Centered Recovery Program

Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families - A Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition of People Who Grew Up in Dysfunctional Homes. 

Alcoholics Anonymous – A.A.